What you are going to see are the logos of 3 famous brands that has been used in a “chinese fake mall”, that is building in this very moment. We all know the copycat brands are rife around the world, but I’ve only seen them on goods, not on actual places :) .. till this moment.


Pay attention that the “McDonald’s”  and the “StarBucks” replicas are designed in just one color. Also Pizza Hut in the original is printed in 4 colors…but in the fake version – it’s done just with 2.  I guess this approach is a product of the will to reduce all expences. It’s interesting how the “hat” or the “plate” of the Pizza Hut in the “HUH” version is like a chinese traditional hat… which is kind of cute. I find the Mc Dnoald’s logo very funny. Look like an alien version or something. As for the “Bucksstar Coffee” – they’ve done a lot of work here. It’s quite different from the original :) .. except for the name.

source:  http://www.mirror.co.uk/

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