Frog Loses Battle to Speech Bubbles

I don’t like to repost from other logo or brand blogs, but this title is just awesome! And it really says a lot. Here’s what we can read in Brand New, Under Consideration:

“Launched in 2009, yfrog — a subsidiary of ImageShack, the provider of free (or paid) image hosting — is a free platform made specifically for sharing images through Twitter. TechCrunch reports that, according to Quantcast, yfrog has 500,000 uploads every day and almost 20 million unique visits a month. That’s, like, a lot. Although not, like, enough to beat its main competition, TwitPic, which gathers about 30 million uniques a month and seems to be the most recurring spot to be directed to to see images from Twitter. In a complete rethinking of the service yfrog has transformed into a full-fledged social platform with user profiles, celebrity yfroggers, the ability to comment directly on photos, and other accoutrements of sharing and liking. Along with the new website, comes a new logo.”

Read the rest here.

yfrog logo bubble trap