Our funniest logo design picks

Microsoft … and Google Chrome ? :)

It’s funny how one can interpret shapes and colors :) so be careful when you are creating your logo…  I’m wondering what will happen after 10 years… the Chrome logo might be in the 1-st box…and something else will be standing in the 3-rd one :) Found in .  The author is  Federico Fieni .  Any more similar logos you know?
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Surf’s Up mini Logo set

There’s a movie called “ Surf’s Up “. A nice penguin-surf animated story with humor and cool music. And logos. The logos bellow ( except for the yellow one ) are a part of the closing titles. They are used right next to the people’s names and identify the certain movie character they developed. Really simple, but used in an effective way. Why ? First – the image is too simple and it gives you time…
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Logo as an interesting advertising game ?

Here I’ll share a way to intrigue your potential clients by just playing with your logo.  This game is a proof that a well designed logo could be a great marketing tool and an advertising inspiration for years… Bobby told it very well: “Uniqlo has a rad new interactive game which lets you play and experience the grid system that they use. I wasn’t quite sure what to do at first ( probably…
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