Our funniest logo design picks

doodle 4 google

Today is the last day for you and your school to register in the google doodle contest .  This video shows Chief Google Doodler Dennis Hwang draw a Google Doodle from start to finish. Enjoy the video and the huge Wacom tablet…
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The brand alphabet

This set is prepared by InThePictureDesign . Please, write in the comments which letters you do NOT recognize :)
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MTV logo fun hats

participate with your own MTV logo & web-hat remake in Design your own version of the website hat and if it’s crazy enough – they’ll show it to the world :)
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Brands 2.0 fun

The 2.0 mania is all around. This is a remix video, showing some famous brands as if they were created nowadays. Bright gradients and shiny button-styled elements are fashionable. Also round and chubby shapes are preferred. Don’t forget the 45 degree lines ;) I guarantee you, you will be unique! LOL. PS: check this flickr set for if you want a certain logo from the movie
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