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Some app logos

Any idea what these icons/logos stand for ? They are the Adobe touch logos, launched in 2011, which I somehow overslept :) In case you are wondering ( as I was ) what are these Adobe touch apps for – watch the movie: I’m not sure I’m impressed with the touch logos, but I like the illustration for the recent advertising campaign :)
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Easy logo patterns

Making patterns in real time in Adobe Illustrator with the new CS6? Well, it was about time! I’ve always wondered why Adobe hasn’t inserted such a function… Looks like something that we can use when doing logos and logotypes. Brilliant for packaging paper and many more brand designs.
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Adobe’s 25th birthday!

John Warnock introduces and demos Adobe Illustrator 1.1 for its first launch 25 years ago. _ So… it’s Adobe’s 25th birthday! Or may be in our case we should celebrate “25 years of Adobe Illustrator” :) May be a lot of the readers here are the same age and may find the following video and text interesting in order to know better the best logo making tool out there. Anyway – here’s what I’ve found…
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