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Apple goes insane with its trademark

Coincidence or not, but Apple goes insane after the death of the CEO & co-founder Steve Jobs. Above you can see the present Apple logo and in red – the company they are suing. You can check in the video bellow the real place in Germany – a cafe called “Apple Kid” ( direct translation ). It’s interesting why a big American corporation will make problems to a small European cafe… about a trademark…
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3 Official Vintage Heroin Logos

Heroin is a very dangerous and addictive drug. But there was a time when it was prescribed for cough. The manufacturer was Bayer ( the company that invented the Aspirin )  and they were selling it between 1897-1904 in Germany. Later it was banned, of course. A curious fact is that Heroin was sold over the counter until the mid-1920s in the U.K. I’ve tried to make a research for that 20+ years…
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