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Lynda logo guidelines

Lynda logo guidelines

The chance you haven’t watch any lynda.com video tutorial is quite small. Something like 00.5% – especially if you are a professional graphic designer. Lynda.com could be defined in my opinion as a visually stable brand. One and the same logo / logotype for so many years. That’s why I was curious what’s in the...
McDonald's Logo Mania

McDonald’s Logo Mania

In this post I will meet you with more detail on the creation, different uses, and variations of the McDonald’s golden arches logo. More than 120 logos in this set.
HYUNDAI Logo guidelines

HYUNDAI Logo guidelines

HYUNDAI’s logo is a decent one and so is the logo guideline. Old ( 2002 ) , but interesting, in its 93 pages ( 7 MB ) you can read about: Symbol Mark Logotype Signature Color Typefaces Stationery Signage Vehicles Promotion Items Uniforms It’s interesting the hierarchy between Hyundai and its dealers. Also the various...

General Electric Brand Guidelines [PDF]

This General Electric Guideline is designed for print advertising and covers : 1.0 Brand Architecture 2.0 Monogram 3.0 Tagline 4.0 Color Palette 5.0 Typography 6.0 Imagery 7.0 Tone of Voice 8.0 Gray Bar 9.0 Transition Designs 10.0 Limited Space 11.0 Classifieds/Yellow Pages 12.0 Outdoor 13.0 Grids There are many GE guidelines out there, since the...

Beeline Brand Book [PDF]

Beeline / Билайн is named “the best Russian brand 2008″.  It’s a mobile operator with a nice brand design. The logo guideline here is in Russian, but I guess, you’ll get the idea even if you don’t speak the language. Click on the picture to download the PDF. File is 29 pages, 1 MB only....