Tip for your blog logo

This video is about the benefit of putting your domain extension ( .com, . net, etc. ) in your blog logo.

I was watching and thinking :

– If you don’t have a cool and easy to remember domain name with “.com” and you mention it in your logo, some prejudices will be activated. People may start thinking : “This guy haven’t even spent some time to think about a decent Dot-Com-Name. What about the content of the blog itself ?”

– The main theme of the blog sometimes is more worthed to remember than the URL :) “SEO SCOOP” looks better than “seo-scoop.net”. Besides it stand BIGGER and more clear as a message.

– I don’t agree people will type “.com” by default. For example, if I live in France – the most obvious extension will be “.fr”… so it appears that this rule depends on the audience. If the theme of the blog is for people who are using internet every day – one will always look at the URL… This will make the extension in the logo useless.

What do you think about this ?