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I am a Graphic Designer who has been developing identities for 10 years. Last year I designed my first piece of furniture called the A Stool. The shape was based on a capital A letter, set in the Replica typeface.

The A-frame gives the stool lots of strength and my interest in typography gave the design a fun and different look to most furniture you see. The A Stool developed into an A Table and A Coat Stand, so I set up a new business and needed to design a logo to place on the products.

After lots of consideration, I decided to name the new furniture company after my own name, ByAlex.
And I developed the logo based on my original idea for the A Stool, an A with a seat on top.

So my story becomes full circle, the logo is an A Stool and the A Stool is my logo.

The ByAlex logo will be published the the 3rd book on logos by Laurence King, titled Logotype and available in the UK this summer.







What does this logo story tell you ?

Logo presentation matters. A lot.
Explaining your idea and giving it enough space is what makes the difference.
Of course – the easiest way for us ( the non-furniture creators is just to improve our online presence ).


Make your logo presentation even more exciting by trying different web content creators wherein you can
adjust according to your preferences. You can check out these online web tools listing.

Or just ready to show off your new logos? Why not come up with your own website
instead? Here’s a nifty guide about the best web hosting providers .


Keep in mind that there are many internet options for presenting your logo on the NET and everything depends on what you want to achieve. You have to approach in one way if you are doing outdoor advertisement and in another if you are doing your logo design portfolio. Ask yourself some questions:

  • does it have to be more complex than necessary ?
  • how many clicks are people making to reach this exact content ?
  • is there any action button on this page ?
  • is there a easy way to reach the next project from the portfolio ?
  • is this the right sorting for your portfolio ?
  • are you gonna change it soon; how flexible it is ?
  • do you have to put everything in your portfolio or just some of the best stuff ?
  • what about explaining your idea more in details; is it worth the extra hustle ?
And don’t forget – no matter what – you can always create another website next year or just facelift it a bit.
Just start it.


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Margarit Ralev created in 2007, as a 100% logo design blog.
He started his career as s freelance web designer in 2001. design portfolio was created in 2004. In 2006 he registered “ Ltd.”, a company providing all sorts of advertising and graphic design services. Since 2008, the company focused on brand identity design and brand consulting.

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