Magazine Logotypes ? I need more.


Graphic designers try to be original, to be different, but almost in every case the “face” of the magazine they create is a part of the mainstream. Another typo twin.  I’ve seen the covers of the “V” magazine a few months ago.. and I wanted to present the approach to you. Well… to appreciate it – I also added some popular magazine covers.  

The difference is big. And I love it. The “V” is simple and stylish enough shape to play with it. As is the case with the letters “A”, “W”, “O”, and the other “Usual Suspects”, designers preffer to use.

If we try to think in the traditional logo models.. we can say that magazines like “National Geographic” and “Times” are cleverly using logotypes + marks. In their case – the frame of the cover is the mark. The sign that gives their ordinary logotypes an unordinary look… Ofcourse, they’ve notice the effect and created more items, using the frame as a real mark ( there are National Geographic DVD’s and stuff with the logo, combining the mark and the typo ).

I’ve looked also to find for you  some magazines that are using real marks instead of logotypes… and “One Magazine” was the only one I’ve found. It’s a real bulgarian print magazine with an art audience, so I guess – that’s why the model is working last few years. 

If  you want to share some more examples or thoughts – the comments are open as always! If you want to look trough some more magazine covers and logotypes – visit