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Logorama Interview + Some Storyboard Sketches

Yes, this is the dream of many logo designers. In fact one guy in Vimeo said it right : “My God this is good. This should be a series on HBO.” One year later ( after all the buzz ) I’ve decided to look for some non-mainstream materials about Logorama. One cool interview with Houplain, Alaux and de Crecy  popped up from the As well as some storyboard sketches. Here’s some of the…
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Playstation 3 new logo design

It’s a little confusing, but here’s what you should know : SONY is using 3 main logos for this brand. The colorful Playstation logo (now monochrome) of the mother-brand, the PSP logo (Playstation Portable) and the Game Console logo (called also Playstation).  For the new release of the PS3 (the new game console) – SONY used a new logo. It’s actually quite cool and compact. It’s also inspired by…
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New Google WAVE logo design story

Google “wave” is a new “collaboration tool”  that you and me are probably going to use soon. This post is about the logo design of this new product. I’ll try to cover the basics – what kind of logo it is, why it’s designed this way, what are the similarities and the differences compared to other logos. Also, you’ll find a small collection of graphic situations and interpretations of this new logo…
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