Playstation 3 new logo design

It’s a little confusing, but here’s what you should know : SONY is using 3 main logos for this brand. The colorful Playstation logo (now monochrome) of the mother-brand, the PSP logo (Playstation Portable) and the Game Console logo (called also Playstation).  For the new release of the PS3 (the new game console) – SONY used a new logo. It’s actually quite cool and compact. It’s also inspired by the original PSP logotype from 2004. The typography is almost the same, but with round corners, making it appear more trendy.

game console logo design
PSP / PS3 logo designs
game console monochrome logo design
PlayStation logo

The main Playstation logo is monochrome. You can see it at

game console latest logo design
PS3 2009 logo

With the release of the new game console (Sept. 2009) comes the new PS3 logo.

game console 2006 logo design
PS3 2006 logo
game console logo design evolution
evolution of PS3 logo design

The first Playstation 3 was released back in 2006. A logotype with the full name was used. Fans called the font “the Spiderman font”. Later they shortened it by using the initials from the same logotype, but obviously that wasn’t good enough. This is when they decided to go with the current logotype (see image above).

game console game covers
PS3 game boxes

Change of the logo is also visible in the game covers design. The PlayStation mark is still standing in front of the PS3 logotype (typical mixed usage). I guess that will be the scheme in the future, too.  The mark of the PS mother being constantly present next to the logotype of the specific release.

portable gaming console logo design
PS3 portable logo

An earlier usage of Playstation PORTABLE 3 logo design (PSP3), very similar to the new PS3 logo.