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Playstation 3 new logo design

It’s a little confusing, but here’s what you should know : SONY is using 3 main logos for this brand. The colorful Playstation logo (now monochrome) of the mother-brand, the PSP logo (Playstation Portable) and the Game Console logo (called also Playstation).  For the new release of the PS3 (the new game console) – SONY used a new logo. It’s actually quite cool and compact. It’s also inspired by…
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White Rhino Productions ( logo case )

You should check this post in order to understand the approach and the act of creating logos. The following logo case is done by Von Glitschka. Enjoy! “Logo design is fun for me. I guess the main reason is because it’s a good mix of design, illustration and investigation. I have to look into a graphic problem and discover a working solution for it. That challenge intrigues me and I enjoy the…
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