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FC Real Madrid Logo as an island

The United Arab Emirates is home to many man-made breath-taking views. On the top of my head is the palm-tree shaped hotel complex, located on an artificial archipelago. This magnificent view carries the name Palm Jumeirah. There are many other exciting human creations. The Burj-Al- Arab, a hotel on a man-made island, and Burj Khalifa, which houses the Armani Hotel, are such ones. The UAE is now…
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66 Warner Bros Logos

In this post we are going to take a little journey in time to see how one of the most recognizable movie logos of all time evolved. For this to happen, examples of the Warner Bros. logo design from various movies through the years are shown here.When a Man Loves | 1923Mystery of the Wax Museum | 1933The Goose and the Gander | 1935This is the Army | 1943The Inspector General | 1949Helen of Troy…
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New Xerox logo theory

OK, Xerox got a new logo. That’s xerox 2008 logo theoryWhy?Here’s the new logo theory of businessweek :**Making the Brand More Approachable**Designed in the 1960s by branding firm, Chermayeff & Geismar, the familiar block-capital-letter XEROX wordmark, most often seen around the world in red, did not lend itself to the three-dimensional world of Internet and mobile-phone marketing…
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