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Michelin Logo in vintage posters

**** It is one of the two largest tire manufacturers in the world along with Bridgestone. French tire company Michelin has been around for a very long time. This is probably why their pudgy white mascot Bibendum is now intrinsically part of cycling graphic design. We are all familiar with his layered tire appearance, but we may be less acquainted with the history of the brand. It is actually one…
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Make yours logotypes with light

.. or how to make your calligraphy with light: This could be applied for all sorts of logotypes. If you have similar experiments – please – put some links in the comments. Check the full calligraphy  portfolio of  Julien Breton – Kaalam
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Logorama Interview + Some Storyboard Sketches

Yes, this is the dream of many logo designers. In fact one guy in Vimeo said it right : “My God this is good. This should be a series on HBO.” One year later ( after all the buzz ) I’ve decided to look for some non-mainstream materials about Logorama. One cool interview with Houplain, Alaux and de Crecy  popped up from the As well as some storyboard sketches. Here’s some of the…
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