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Prometheus movie logotype appearance

It’s always hard to present a logotype in an original way when it comes to motion graphics. We’ve seen all kind of fades, particle animation, drawing, spinning, you name it. But simplicity will dominate forever. Just a simple step by step, stem by stem appearance with some cool rhythm can make the regular “allien movie” looks interesting.
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66 Warner Bros Logos

In this post we are going to take a little journey in time to see how one of the most recognizable movie logos of all time evolved. For this to happen, examples of the Warner Bros. logo design from various movies through the years are shown here. When a Man Loves | 1923 Mystery of the Wax Museum | 1933 The Goose and the Gander | 1935 This is the Army | 1943 The Inspector General | 1949 Helen of…
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Logo design process by MMagic Design

This video is prepared by Scetch + Scan + work in Adobe Illustrator Here you can read more about the movie : “I filmed myself from start to finish, the process of designing a logo and time lapsed the whole thing for your viewing pleasure! :)  The Logo: The brief required me to design a logo for “Saniware” a company which specializes in sanitary wares and bathroom toilet fixtures…
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