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The Manual is dead. Long live the Brand!

Have you ever tried to count how many people have an impact on the corporate identity of your company? By their work, by making small decisions, but also by their unawareness of the context? Each member of the “branding team” brings their own perspective to every project. Behind every piece of marketing or expression of the brand — whether it’s a business card, a shop assistant, or an advertising…
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Jazz Up Your Website!

You’ve found the best web host, incorporated sound web design principles, and it’s fully functional. Your links click through, visitors can read the type, and the tabs are easy to find. It presents your message. But it’s boring, you say? Well, jazz it up! A blog is one of the best ways to get people to your site. Readers love to read opinions about events. Interviews make great blog posts. How-to…
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Keep Your Business Professional

1. Integrity If you want your business to be looked at in a positive light, it would be in your best interest to be as consistent as possible. For example, if you advocate recycling, but do not enforce the policy in your own office building, customers will become confused. If you are not doing what you encourage the public to do, how will they know that you can be trusted? If you want to be…
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