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Prezi with a new logo

Prezi with a new logo

    You probably know the best online software for presentations out there – PREZI. Recently they have changed their brand identity. It’s now more “blueish” and more cold-corporate. The logotype is more conventional. Personally I like the funny two-way-“r”. The “e” is the already popular “smiled-haineken E” In case you wonder where the mark...
Mercedes' new logo... in China

Mercedes’ new logo… in China

  Daimler, the world’s leading luxury car manufacturer, decided to create a joint venture with BYD, China’s leading economy car manufacturer and this is how Denza appeared. Basically – it will be the local “Mercedes”. That’s why I’ve used this catchy title. The Denza brand is due to consist of a range of electric power vehicles with...
Before and After Beer Logo & Label

Before and After Beer Logo & Label

This illustration can hardly be called a logo, but still – it deserves some attention. Then I tried to track the label’s origin. Here are a few things I’ve found :   Another version of the label   Here’s the clean label   And this is a book which I found with the drawing on...
32 Wine Logos - Wine of the World

32 Wine Logos – Wine of the World

   Who appreciates a glass of good wine here ? :) What about good graphic design?  In this post about wine logos we have combines these two passions of ours. Here you can see 32 conceptual logos of wines from all over the world are presented… Enjoy it!       via Dribbble.com WINE LOGO Playoff...
meet Rob Janoff - the Apple logo designer

meet Rob Janoff – the Apple logo designer

There's a brand new great interview with the designer of the Apple logo, Rob Janoff.