Logo sets

Collection of logo sets of famous brands and topics

Consulting companies logo set

Willis is a wonderful example of how typos can be used in a clean and stylish manner. Bain & Company is here because of the circle and the pointer. What does it mean? I guess the weak point in the company that is their customer. Simple, but it says what’s needed. Not an ordinary logo, but still business-y enough. Team play is a winner. Also nice lines. Goodman deserve a good logo. Someone…
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Search Engine Logo Set

We’ve been searching everyday different stuff – pictures, people, news.. even logos :) This set is dedicated to the search engine logos. No, sorry – the Google logo is not in this list. There are enough reasons to reject it, but I’ll tell you the main one – the thing that it’s famous doesn’t make it well-designed and with a nice idea. 1 – is Thepiratebay.com – torrent search. It’s big, different…
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Airline Companies Logo Set

I’m graduating this year. Hopefully. My graduation work is about airlines. During my research I have seen and collected many airline companies logo sets. You can see a large collection of airline companies logos here – www.aerosite.net/content/section/4/54/ – I hope that will save you time in your work. Most of them I didn’t like. They are not clear as symbols, and fonts are inappropriate for…
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Example logoblink companies logo set

First write some common words why you present exactly this set. In my case I should make an example set, so I’m using the logo of the site itself. I like #1 and #2 because they are close enough to the theme. In logo 1# we may recognize the letter”L” – that’s why I’ve put it on the first place. 3 – dynamic enough 4 – similar theme, but different meaning 5 – again nice playing with this type of…
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Masonic and Occult symbolism in corporate logos

This movie is a Part 2 of the sequence “Masonic and Occult symbolism in corporate logos”. If you like it – watch the other two parts: 1 & 3 . Personally , I believe that some of the recognitions are exaggerated, but it was interesting to watch it.
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