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Shutterstock’s New Logo

Our new visual identity is just the beginning of exciting new things from our team, and we sure hope you like it! If you want to read more about our process and insights, I’ve shared some highlights after the jump. Still reading? Great! The team is thrilled with the new visual identity system we developed with help from our very talented friends at Lippincott , and we hope you are too! We think…
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FC Real Madrid Logo as an island

The United Arab Emirates is home to many man-made breath-taking views. On the top of my head is the palm-tree shaped hotel complex, located on an artificial archipelago. This magnificent view carries the name  Palm Jumeirah.  There are many other exciting human creations. The Burj-Al- Arab , a hotel on a man-made island, and Burj Khalifa , which houses the Armani Hotel, are such ones. The UAE is…
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Mercedes’ new logo… in China

Daimler, the world’s leading luxury car manufacturer, decided to create a joint venture with BYD, China’s leading economy car manufacturer and this is how  Denza  appeared. Basically – it will be the local “Mercedes”. That’s why I’ve used this catchy title. The Denza brand is due to consist of a range of electric power vehicles with the first model set to use the underpinnings of the first…
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Easy logo patterns

Making patterns in real time in Adobe Illustrator with the new CS6? Well, it was about time! I’ve always wondered why Adobe hasn’t inserted such a function… Looks like something that we can use when doing logos and logotypes. Brilliant for packaging paper and many more brand designs.
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Adobe’s 25th birthday!

John Warnock introduces and demos Adobe Illustrator 1.1 for its first launch 25 years ago. _ So… it’s Adobe’s 25th birthday! Or may be in our case we should celebrate “25 years of Adobe Illustrator” :) May be a lot of the readers here are the same age and may find the following video and text interesting in order to know better the best logo making tool out there. Anyway – here’s what I’ve found…
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