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A Song of Fire and Ice / Game of Thrones Beer Logos

RedBubble seller satansbrand mashed up the names of the houses from the popular A Song of Fire and Ice fantasy saga with the logos of existing famous beer brands. The graphics are available as T-shirts, hoodies and stickers. The houses are easy to recognize due to the writing, but can you guess all beer brands?        Answer to the beer logo quiz: Winterfell / Heineken. Lannister / Stella…
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Chanel Fastfood Logo Spoof

“Fashion is the healthiest motivation for losing weight” – Karl Lagerfeld. And he’s right. I’ve spotted this one in facebook, so if anyone knows the designer – let me know and I’ll add a credit link. I guess it was scanned from some fashion magazine, but have no idea which one.
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Epic Logo Spoof – The Logonom Movie

Grab the popcorns and the ice-cream with your favourite logo and sit down to enjoy this epic logo spoof. Pay attention- the movie is 8:35, but it’s worth watching. In case you are asking yourself “What’s this thing” ? – It’s an AICP 2010 Chicago Sponsor Reel. Made by Optimus and ONE… whatever this should mean :)
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